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Behind the Music

Caleb Chan, also known as DeCC, is a singer and songwriter from San Francisco, California. The name DeCC comes from Caleb's birth month, December, and his initials, CC. He first began making his own music at the age of 12, as he knew how to play the guitar and piano. His first album was made in 2019, which he called "Numbers". The whole album was made using a gaming headset and a laptop. Caleb eventually saved up enough money to buy a small microphone, which he recorded hundreds of songs over the next few years. He experimented and taught himself how to produce, mix, and record. Fast forward, Caleb had a studio-quality mic and a desktop with fl studios, a popular DAW. His first breakthrough was when he was given the opportunity to produce a song with HunnaV, a rapper that had big names, and big numbers on his belt. But as much as Caleb loved hip hop, he found himself pulled towards the singer-songwriter genre. He was given the opportunity to co-release a EP (Luv and Other Stuff) with Critics Approved, a collective music group that showcased underground artists. The name DeCC grew rapidly as "Put you first" and On My Necklace both reached 100 thousand streams on Spotify. A big step came with the release of "What if we met on the moon?", which got Caleb admission into a prestigious music program at New York University. Shortly after, Caleb signed a multi-song deal with Nebula Records, further throwing his music into the world. With more songs, merch, collaborations, and shows on the way, the name DeCC is bound to be a household name in the near future.

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